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Council Tool Mattock

  • Full size heavy duty Mattock/Pick featuring a 2.25kg head with a pointed pick on one side and 9cm wide mattock blade on the other
  • Ideal for shallow digging, trenching, cutting roots and breaking up soil/rocks
  • 2.25kg head is forged from American carbon steel, heat treated to produce fine grain structure and RC 40-47 (Rockwell hardness)
  • 92cm American hickory handle with eye section dried to below 10% moisture content
  • A well balanced tool that is easy to swing
  • Supplied as two pieces - head and handle. Simply slide head down handle and drop a few times onto hard surface from about 20cm height to secure head
  • Total weight 3.4kg
  • Made in USA
Council Tool Mattock$125.00  Discontinued
  • Spare Parts for Mattock:
Council Tool Mattock Handle (70-031)$45.00