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Munsell Soil Colour Book

  • Enables quick and easy soil colour evaluations in the field using the widely accepted Munsell colour system
  • Revised soil chart features the same colors available in previous books plus additional color charts, including a 10Y and 5GY soil chart for glauconite soils, a 5R soil chart for Australia and Southeast Asia, and a 7.5R soil chart for tropical and semi-tropical soils
  • A Munsell high value, low chroma “white” page shows half steps from 8.5 to 9.5 in value with chromas of 1 and 2 for N, 7.5YR, 10YR, and 2.5Y
  • Light gray pages decrease sun glare and the color chips are recessed into each water-resistant page to allow dirt and debris to be wiped off easily with less effect on the color chips
  • 2009 revised edition, 2015 production
Munsell Soil Colour Book$410.00  ETA 10/8