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Max HT-R1 Tapener Gun

  • New lighter weight high speed single handed tape gun for dispensing, stapling & cutting tape
  • New steel reinforced plastic covered hinge, improved cutting accuracy, easier tape setting, fixed pusher unit & reduced required stapling force
  • By simply squeezing the handle, the tape gun wraps tape around the stem, then cuts the tape and staples it securely in one action
  • Ideal for staking plants, training vines and fruit trees
  • Scrap free model for no waste
  • Can use 15um (standard) and 25um (heavy duty) thickness tape (can use Max or Bovi tape)
  • Please note: the gun does not come with staples or tape. Please order these separately
Max HT-R1 Tapener Gun$94.00 
  • Accessories for Max HT-R1 Tapener:
Max 15um Tape 11mmx26m (Box10)$19.00 
Max 25um Tape 11mmx16m (Box10)$19.00 
Max Staples 604E-L (4800)$8.00 
MAX HT-R Blades (2 Pack)$11.00 

  • Blades for Old Max Tapener (Green):
Max Tapener Blades (x3)$13.00