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Istor Standard Sharpener

  • Istor Standard sharpener for sharpening knives, secateurs, hedge shears, loppers etc
    - easy to use
    - no pressure necessary
    - forms no burr on the blade
    - cutting edges remain sharper for longer
    - can be used by both right and left handed people
  • Total length 10cm, weight 24g
  • Suited to sharpening small knives and shears. For bigger knives, longer hedge shears etc it is best to use the Professional model
  • Swiss-made quality
  • To sharpen blades,
    - Pull the concave sharpening edge gently along the blade several times without much pressure
    - Follow the given angle of the blade
    - Work only with one side of the sharpener and always from the handle to the point of the blade. When sharpening Scissors, Secateurs and Pruning shears only sharpen the bevelled side
Swiss Istor Standard$35.00