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Solo 456/457 Repair Kit$24.00 
Solo 425/425LC Repair Kit$45.00 
Solo 475 Repair Kit$35.00 

Solo 425LC Trigger Rep Kit$9.00 
Solo 425/475 Trig Rep Kit$20.00 
Solo Trigger Assembly$32.00  ETA 30/1

Solo Drift Guard$44.00 
Solo Drift Guard Round$35.00 
Solo 456/457 Pump Assembly$45.00 

Solo Brass Adjust.Nozzle$20.00 
Solo Speed Multi Spray Nozzle$20.00 
Solo Plastic Adjust. Nozzle$10.00 
Solo Flat Red Nozzle Tip$6.00 

Solo Elbow/Nozzle Kit$30.00 
Solo Double Nozzle Kit$42.00 
Solo Backpack Tank Cap$30.00 

Solo Deluxe Shoulder Harness$100.00 
Solo Replacement Strap (x1)$30.00 
Solo Strap Hook$7.00 
Solo Strap Clip 4074412$4.00 

Solo Ball Valve Filter 2700316$22.00 
Solo Jet Filter$5.00 
Solo Pressure Relief Valve Assem$18.00 
Solo Elbow 407452725$10.00 
Solo Tank Cap Gasket 4061345$10.00 
Solo 456/457 Replacement Hose$15.00 


Solo 50cm Plastic Wand/Nozzle$26.00 
Solo 50cm Wand Extension$30.00 
60-120cm Carb Fibre Wand$105.00 
Solo 75cm Brass Wand$48.00 
Solo 57-100cm Brass Wand$58.00 
Solo 2 Nozzle Mini Boom$65.00 
Solo 4 Nozzle Boom$105.00