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Haglöf Coretax Borer Sharpening Kit

  • Sharpening kit to enable borer tips to be sharpened for continued high performance
  • Coretax kit includes oil, two different sharpening stones (conical and flat) and beeswax to protect the tip and for better glide
  • How to sharpen your borer bit with the Coretax sharpening kit:
    - The Coretax kit contains of 1 bottle of light oil, 1 bottle of sharpening sand, beeswax and 3 different sharpening stones
    - Pour a few drops of the light oil onto the flat stone. Place the tip of the borer on the oil in a 40° angle and carefully move the tip back and forth while rotating the bit. Put no pressure and do not use force. Continue until bit is sharp. Apply a small amount of oil on the round stone (pointed end) Insert the pointed end very carefully in the borer bit and rotate the borer shaft a few times only, until the inside of the borer is smooth. A magnifying glass can be a help for better vision. The sand is used to sharpen the tip of the borer if it is rusty, or has small chips. Drill a hole with a down angle, app. 2 cm depth in a tree or a piece of wood. Pour some of the sand into the hole and carefully drill in the borer again and sharpen the tip on the sand, half turns each direction. Some oil can be poured into the hole to reduce the friction. After having done this, clean the borer with a piece of paper or clean rag, and let the paper/rag pass through the entire borer bit from end to top to remove any excessive sand
Haglof Coretax Sharpen Kit$140.00