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Fluoro Green Flagging Tape

  • Fluoro green flagging tape special
  • 25mm wide x 65m rolls
  • Sold in 12s only (price is per 12 rolls)
  • Colour is slightly lighter than image shows
  • Limited stock
Fl Green Flagging Special (12 rolls)$20.00 



  • Combining stunning photography fro the world's leading nature photographers with inspiring text by award winning author Lewis Blackwell, this book opens the senses to the breathtaking beauty of these remarkable ecosystems with their verdant plant life and diverse animal species
  • Swooping from aerial to macro perspectives, the book captures the world's most fascinating landscapes at all scales, from a vast sleeping forest cloaked in morning mist to the brilliant iridescent flicker of a butterfly's wing
  • Coffee table sized book
  • 264 pages, hardback
  • Retailed at $80 - great buy at $50

Trees - A Photographic Celebration

  • In Trees : a photographic celebration, glorious forest locales blend seamlessly with urban parklands and suburban sidewalks to show trees in all their majestic glory
  • Combining gorgeous foliage with quotations, verse, and a fascinating assortment of facts
  • Trees will give you a breath of fresh air and a rejuvenating haven away from the hectic world
  • 539 pages, hardback
  • Lisa Purcell
  • Retailed at $44.95 - great buy at $28
Trees - Photographic Celeb$28.00 

Gardening with Native Wild Flowers

  • A North American book describing native plants suitable for North American gardens
  • Over 1000 species are described with over 200 colour photos
  • Good book if you have an interest in American plants/flowers
  • 195 pages, paperback
  • Samuel B. Jones, Jr, & Leonard E. Foote
Gard Native Wild Flow - Sp$18.00