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Council Tool Velvicut Felling Axe

  • A beautiful, handmade full size felling axe produced by Council Tool's most experienced axe artisans
  • Dayton pattern head is a timeless shape and much preferred by skilled woodsmen for full size felling
  • Forged from 5160 grade alloy steel for strength, toughness, durability and ability to hold an edge
  • Heat treated and quenched to produce a hardening edge extending 1.5 inches up the bit for maximum edge holding. The edge is tempered to RC 50-54 to hold an edge without becoming brittle
  • Axe head is rough ground in a robotic work cell and sharpened by an experienced hand with increasingly fine abrasives and finished with leather stropping
  • Handle is made of grade "A" American hickory, mounted to the head with a softwood wedge crossed with a steel wedge for additional security
  • Leather sheath with buckle is included
  • All parts including sheath are made in USA
  • Total length: 87cm, blade length: 19cm x 12cm cutting edge, weight 2.4kg
  • Council Tool Velvicut axes combine decades of axe-making expertise with modern manufacturing techniques and excellent materials to produce a line of axes for those who want the best
  • Many of our Council Tool's products are drop forgings, including Velvicut® axes. The drop hammer is a massive piece of equipment where a large steel mass (known as the ram) is dropped repeatedly, under control, on a hot piece of steel until the steel fills out the desired shape. The advantage of a forging is that the steel’s grain is refined and aligned with the shape of the product, providing superior strength. The drop hammer used to forge many of our axes has a ram with a falling weight of around 3,500 pounds. Operating a drop hammer takes a combination of physical strength, hand/eye coordination, concentration and experience. It’s both skill and art. The forger holds a hot piece of steel using tongs and moves the material about the die, making rapid decisions based on experienced judgment. We are fortunate to have a number of qualified forgers whose experience averages 26 years. When using high carbon steel, it takes 6 to 8 ram blows to produce an axe head. We use 5160 grade alloy to make a Velvicut® axe head, and this material takes nearly twice as many blows to form a similar head – a testament to its toughness. The end result of the alloy material in these axe heads is an outstanding product --strong and tough with superior edge-holding properties
  • The custom handles used in this premium line are all American hickory and are only “A” grade, selected for grain orientation and density. White sapwood and red heartwood are equally suitable as there is no difference in the specific density or strength of the wood. The handle patterns are traditional or unique shapes chosen with performance in mind. They tend to be thinner in width, allowing the handle to flex. These handles are much more difficult and expensive to manufacture but they provide results. You will feel the difference during use. Velvicut® handles are not coated with any finish prior to assembly, providing the maximum strength of head to handle bond. Handles are lightly rubbed with linseed oil before packaging. The heads are finished in their natural steel state, lightly oiled to prevent rusting
  • Your Velvicut® axe head will outlast the owner, and then some. The head has a lifetime warranty. We cannot guarantee how long a piece of wood will last, so our warranty on the handle is that it will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Given the grade of the material and the grain orientation it should also last a very long time. Prolong the life of your handle by protecting it from extreme or prolonged exposure to sun and water. Also keep it lightly coated with a protective coating like linseed oil
  • NOTE: Axe handles are not designed to be struck. If you miss the tree with the axe head and strike it with the axe handle, there is a fair chance you will break the you will with any axe. Handle breakages are not covered under warranty
Council Tool Velvicut Axe$330.00 
  • Spare Parts for Velvicut Axe:
Velvicut Dayton Handle (70-012)$60.00