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Haglöf HCH Compass/Clino/Hgt Meter

  • Combination electronic clinometer, height meter and digital compass
  • Electronic clinometer measures vertical angles from -90 to +90 degrees in 0.1 deg increments and accuracy of 0.2 deg
  • Heights can be measured from any distance - simply enter the distance to the tree, aim at the bottom of the tree (press button), then at the top (press button) and read off the height
  • Digital compass displays from 0-360 degrees in 1 deg increments and accuracy of 2.5 deg, has magnetic declination and is easy to calibrate
  • Very compact and single button operation
  • 20x63x44mm, 50g. Uses one AA battery (supplied)
  • Made in Sweden
  • Download HCH Manual
Haglof HCH Comp/Clino/Hgt$450.00