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Silky Super Accel 210mm Folding Saw

  • Lightweight, large tooth 210mm folding saw (210mm = blade length)
  • Utilizes Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) teeth
  • Precision-ground, razor sharp blade with four cutting angles along the length of the blade
  • Hard chrome plated and mirror polished blade
  • Impulse hardened blade, with 7.5 teeth per 30mm
  • Blade can be set at one of two cutting angles
  • Rubberised aluminium grip
  • Weight 200g
  • Made in Japan
Silky Super Accel 210mm Saw$64.00 
  • Spare parts for Silky Super Accel 210:
Silky Super Accel 210mm Blade$38.00