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Council Tool Broad Axe

  • A mid sized tool sharpened in a center-cut style (both sides of the blade beveled) making it great for chopping or notching
  • Sometimes referred to as a carpenter’s axe or a ship builder’s axe
  • Forged USA tool steel head, with tempered bit hardness of Rc 48-55 1-1/4 inches from the cutting edge. The poll and eye walls are not hardened and remain in the as-forged condition
  • Head coated with clear lacquer to deter rust
  • 28" curved American hickory handle, with eye section dried to below 10% moisture content to minimize shrinkage and help prevent loosening
  • Axe head is seated onto the handle in a traditional manner using a wooden wedge crossed with a metal wedge for added security
  • Premium USA-made leather sheath is included
  • All made in USA
  • Total length: 70cm, blade length: 18cm x 12cm cutting edge, weight 1.65kg
Council Tool Broad Axe$110.00 
  • Spare Parts for Broad Axe:
Broad Axe Handle (70-005)$25.00