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Plastic Flagging Tape

  • UV stabilised, long lasting flagging tape
  • 25mm wide x 75m long
  • Available in 10 colours:
    Red, Blue, White, Green, Mauve;
    Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Blue & Fluoro Green
  • Knots without tearing, hand tearable
Flagging Red$2.75 
Flagging Blue$2.75 
Flagging White$2.75 
Flagging Green$2.75 
Flagging Mauve$2.75 
Flagging Fluoro Orange$2.75 
Flagging Fluoro Pink$2.75 
Flagging Fluoro Yellow$2.75 
Flagging Fluoro Green$2.75 
Flagging Fluoro Blue$2.75  ETA Mar
  • Bulk pricing - 10+ rolls - $2.50 per roll
    100+ rolls - $2.25 per roll
    Colours can be mixed for bulk pricing