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Spear & Jackson Predator Bow Saws

  • Spear & Jackson Predator professional bow saws available in 530mm (21 inch) and 760mm (30 inch) sizes
  • Tubular steel frame for extra strength & rigidity
  • Ergonomic soft feel handle with built-in hand guard for protection
  • Simplistic design makes blade changes quick and easy
  • Adjustable blade tensioner improves performance and enables straighter cuts
  • Two blade options available:
    - Peg tooth blade (dry) is for mature or dry wood, with every third gullet extended for high chip removal and is made uniquely for fast and efficient cutting of dry/dead wood (this blade is supplied with the bow saw)
    - Raker tooth blade (green) is for live and green wood, with every fifth tooth raker and unset, which functions like a chisel to remove the chips out of the green wood
S&J Predator Bow Saw 21$42.00 
S&J Predator Bow Saw 30$54.00 
  • Spare parts for S&J Predator bow saws:
S&J Bow Saw Blade 21" Grn$13.00 
S&J Bow Saw Blade 21" Dry$13.00 
S&J Bow Saw Blade 30" Grn$15.00 
S&J Bow Saw Blade 30" Dry$15.00