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Felco C108 Force Transmission Wire Cutter

  • Two handed cutter designed for cutting very hard materials
  • Equipped with a force transmission system enabling the cutting force generated by the user to be increased thus facilitates cutting of cables and metal rods up to 8mm diameter
  • Hardened steel blades and centre bolt, unbreakable forged aluminium alloy handles with plastic covering
  • Length: 560mm, Weight: 1950g
Felco C108 Wire Cutter$540.00 
  • Spare Parts for Felco C108:
Felco C108 M Bld (C108/17)$120.00 
Felco C108 F Bld (C108/5)$145.00 
Felco C108 Hex Sc (C108/10)$6.00 
Felco C108/112 C Nut (C108/11)$3.00